Sunlight Group Practice

Sunlight Group Practice

Parkfield Medical Centre, Sefton Road, New Ferry, Merseyside, CH62 5HS

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Telephone: 0151 644 0055


Patients often have many questions about the GP Doctor consultation process and all of the questions asked below are genuine questions posed by patients. Hopefully it addresses some misconceptions about the GP consultation.

Triage calls and appointments

Pre – Bookable Appointments 

Routine Telephone Consultations

Named GP for all patients

Why have I been waiting to be seen? My appointment was 15 minutes ago.

The GP called me back today. Why are they asking me what I wish to discuss?

Why is my GP asking me what is wrong? Don't they know? I just want a diagnosis.

Why does my GP ask so many questions rather than just tell me what is wrong?

My diagnosis has changed upon follow up appointment. Why is this?

Is the receptionist deliberately trying to be awkward?

Are you closed for lunch?